We’ve Got Texas Covered!

Just like you take great pride in your fleet, we take great pride in our FastFlow CNG Fueling stations.  Not only do we guarantee a fast fill, but our fueling stations will provide you with the best fueling experience in Texas.

  • All stations can accommodate both large and small vehicles
  • Heavy-duty flow lanes and light duty flow lanes at all locations
  • Well lit, concrete pads with state-of-the-art fuel dispensers



15668 N. US HWY 83. Laredo,TX 78045

(Located at Interstate 35 and Highway 83)

4 filling positions – ideal for heavy duty trucks


Intersection of Interstate 45 and Highway 7

4 filling positions – light and heavy duty

Transit nozzle for fueling tube trailers ( 1000 gge in less than 1 hour )


131 Pittman Road – next to Texas Best Travel Plaza near Interstate 20

4 filling positions – light and heavy duty


Intersection of Highway 59 South and South West Loop – Gateway Travel Plaza

4 filling positions – light and heavy duty


902 Mobile Drive – corner of Harrison Road and Mobile Drive

4 filling positions – light and heavy duty

Site of private slow fill station for the City of Longview


FastFlow locations accept payments from the following:


*Independence Fuel Systems fuel cards available upon request.