FastFlow Advantage

Fast – Reliable – Easy Access

An idle fleet is an unprofitable fleet.  And at FastFlow CNG we understand that efficiency is the lifeblood of any fleet operation. Whether municipal, service or long haul – your trucks need to keep moving in order for you to get the job done.

CNG Fleet Managers and drivers know firsthand that slow fueling rates and unreliable fuel dispensers are huge issues when it comes to efficient fleet management.

FastFlow has the answer. Our state-of-the art fuel dispenser technology is light years ahead of any station in Texas.  So you can be assured that when you fuel at FastFlow – you’ll be back on the road quickly – Guaranteed


Private and Municipal Fueling Depots

FastFlow CNG is the exclusive CNG provider for the City of Longview. We have constructed a “slow fill” station for the city at their yard adjacent to our Mobile Dr. station that supplies fuel for the city’s 8 trash trucks and 1 street sweeper.

We worked closely with the city to understand their needs, and constructed a “slow fill” station to fit them. This allows the drivers to park and be refueled overnight, avoiding downtime during the workday.